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Russia’s Accomplices in the War Against Ukraine: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Army’s Reliable Rear

9 May 2023

Executive summary To analyse Kyrgyzstan’s capacity to help Russia circumvent sanctions, it is important to consider the internal political situation in Kyrgyzstan under President Sadyr Japarov. Kyrgyzstan has long been considered an “island of freedom” in Central Asia, with a number of independent media outlets, independent MPs and an active civil society. However, the authoritarian […]

Donetsk: Polish benefactors provide Avdiivka residents with fire extinguishers

4 May 2023

Volunteers from the Polish charity Open Dialogue Foundation in Warsaw have donated 200 fire extinguishers to the Avdiivka front-line community. As a result of continuous enemy strikes, Avdiivka is gradually turning into ashes. The Russian occupants are bombarding residential areas and civilian infrastructure with “Grad” missiles, heavy artillery and other missile attacks. As a consequence, […]

ODF secures 4 PACE documents in defence the rule of law and human rights

3 May 2023

During the spring session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe that concluded last Friday, our representation (Martin Mycielski and Katarzyna Szczypska) together with Judge Maciej Ferek (reinstated after 522 days of suspension for applying the primacy of European law), discussed the rule of law and political persecution in Poland and the Palestinian […]

Bugged hotels of the Polish Hotel Holding: Request for a Council of Europe investigation

1 May 2023

After the ‘Wyborcza’ daily revealed the controversial practices of the Polish Hotel Holding (PHH), 25 MPs submitted a request to the Council of Europe’s Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee to investigate the information about the potential surveillance of the opposition in hotels managed by the said company. If the request is accepted, a rapporteur […]

Yet another bugging scandal? ‘Surveillance in hotels, searching for condoms’

28 April 2023

Bartosz Kramek from the Open Dialogue Foundation asserts that in 2019 he was subject to surveillance by special services in a hotel belonging to the state-owned Polish Hotel Holding (PHH). He also claims that he has already been contacted by other witnesses. ‘The informant was asked to look for syringes, used condoms, leftover packaging of […]

The Beneficiaries of Russia’s War Against Ukraine. How the Nazarbayev-Tokayev Regime is Helping Putin

25 April 2023

Executive summary In 2022 and 2023, the Kazakhstani authorities have repeatedly convinced the international community of their alleged commitment to “preventing the use of the Kazakhstani territory to bypass sanctions”. “Appropriate measures” have been adopted (such as the creation of a “list of sanctioned goods”, the signing of a law “on the control of specific […]

Poland’s Government Colluded with State-Owned Hotel Chain to Spy on Political Opponents

25 April 2023


Artistic accomplishments of our charge from the Home for Independent Mums

24 April 2023

It is time to mention the artistic accomplishments of a resident of one of our Homes for Independent Mums. The daughter of our residents, named Antonina, is making her dreams come true during her time in Poland: she wants to continue her education in an art school, and in the future, she plans to go […]

The Hotel Scandal. The Marriott Headquarters: “We are taking all efforts to ensure a warm welcome for everyone”.

24 April 2023

Marriott HQ refers to reports of surveillance of Marriott guests in Poland as “unfounded”. “Our franchisee has assured us that these allegations are unfounded. As a corporation, we take the privacy of our guests and business customers very seriously and make every effort to ensure that everyone receives a warm welcome” – Liza Ravenscroft, Marriott […]

The hotel scandal. Threats against the whistleblower

22 April 2023

A whistleblower who reported illegal activities against the opposition in hotels received a series of dead calls during the night. He also received text messages suggesting that he should hang himself. Calls from restricted numbers were made on Friday night from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. There were about 20 calls and there were also […]

Preparations for Easter at the Homes for Independent Mums

21 April 2023

We have received photos of the preparations for Easter from one of the Homes for Independent Mums from Ukraine that we run. The children and their mothers spent this time in a great atmosphere of creativity, illustrated by their smiling faces. Decorating Easter eggs and baking muffins with colourful sprinkles is undoubtedly fun, and not […]

Bugged hotels discussed in the Sejm. The whistleblower met with opposition MPs

21 April 2023

‘To me, he seems to be a Law and Justice (PiS) supporter who could no longer stand what was going on’ – Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska, Head of the Civil Platform’s (PO) Investigation Team on Threats to State Security, tells ‘Wyborcza’. On Friday, Robert Z., the former Security Manager of the Polish Hotel Holding (Polski Holding Hotelowy) […]

The room service

20 April 2023

The long May weekend is coming soon. However, before you head off on your happy holiday and book a hotel room, just keep your eyes and ears wide open. Condom wrappers, drug packs, bottles of alcohol and other compromising items. These were the items that Mr Robert K., Security Manager at the Polish Hotel Holding […]

Agnieszka Kublik: Stay alert while in a hotel bathroom! This is not a hitchcock movie, this is Kaczyński’s Poland

19 April 2023

The first report of the Commission investigating Russian influence is to be presented just before the elections, which for Kaczyński are the battle of his life. The Law and Justice party will watch you in a hotel bathroom, wiretap you using the Pegasus spyware system, at home and on the street, and the McCarthy commission […]

The hotel scandal. After the article published by ‘Wyborcza’, Kramek wants Wąsik and Brudziński prosecuted

18 April 2023

Bartosz Kramek of the Open Dialogue Foundation has requested that an investigation be launched against Maciej Wąsik, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of the Interior, and Joachim Brudziński, Law and Justice MEP. The reason for the investigations is the suspected surveillance planted in hotels owned by a state-owned hotel holding company. Bartosz Kramek is […]