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Statutory Lawlessness and Civil Disobedience: Let’s Stop Playing in PiS’ Shadow Theatre!

6 June 2023

The bandit rule of the Law and Justice Party (PiS) must be firmly disobeyed. We must face them head-on and be ready for the consequences, whatever they may be. Bartosz Kramek is the Chairman of the Board of the Open Dialogue Foundation. The law on the commission to investigate Russian influences, known as ‘lex Tusk’, […]

Russia’s success in the Council of Europe: how the West sold Ukraine out for illusions

25 June 2019

On the night of 24 June 2019, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a shameful, though long-awaited decision to restore the Russian delegation’s voting rights. Russia lost this right in 2014 due to its aggression in Ukraine. According to the resolutions at the time, its voting rights were to be restored only […]

Bartosz Kramek for Gazeta Wyborcza: PiS, Moldova – a common issue

29 April 2019

The Open Dialogue Foundation won the trial with the “Gazeta Polska” magazine, so now editor Tomasz Sakiewicz threatens the judge. And the PiS propaganda attacks the Foundation using a grotesque report of the oligarchic and corrupt parliament of Moldova.

While the PiS are fighting the «Banderites», Putin is rubbing his hands with glee

15 March 2019

Poll results have demonstrated that Poles are the most liked nation in Ukraine, ahead of Belarussians and Canadians. Yet, we do our best to make Ukrainians stop liking us.

Bartosz Kramek for Puls Biznesu: For Ukraine, Poland is the gate to the EU

20 January 2017

Low living standards, war, corruption – these and other factors prompt Ukrainians to leave their country. Those who decided to start a new life in Poland, increasingly frequently consider establishing a business here. Organisations, such as Open Europe Group, offers them support.

Bartosz Kramek: Poland is the gateway to Europe for Ukrainian business

10 April 2015

In an article published by the “Ukrainian Pravda”, the Chair of the Foundation’s Council, Bartosz Kramek presents the crisis the Ukrainian state is currently undergoing as a potential business opportunity.

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