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Moldova’s “Theft of the Century” – ostensible investigations or sincere lust for justice?

8 July 2021

The theft of one billion USD from Moldova’s banking system during 2012-2014 was a real shock to the country and its citizens. It still has a dramatic impact on the life of all Moldavans and the functioning of society. The long-term destructive effects of corruption, political mismanagement and the deterioration of the normal functioning of the state are reiterated by the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, the lack of sufficient capacity to fight this health crisis. The aim of the study is to highlight these events and to characterise this latest – still open – chapter in Moldova’s recent history. Another key objective of the study is to contribute to the return of the stolen money to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

The Case of Zhanara Akhmetova: Ukraine Is in Haste to Arrest and to Extradite Kazakhstani Journalist

26 May 2020

A prominent Kazakhstani journalist and opposition activist Zhanara Akhmetova could be illegally extradited from Ukraine to Kazakhstan at any time. According to our sources, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine is already preparing to place her under extradition arrest. On 19 May 2020, Akhmetova got a decision by the Supreme Court of Ukraine depriving her of the chance to be granted asylum. The decision was adopted in haste during the quarantine. It was also adopted without taking into account the arguments of Akhmetova’s lawyers.

List of Kazakhstani political prisoners and other politically prosecuted persons

31 January 2020

This report examines the cases of 56 victims of politically motivated criminal prosecutions in Kazakhstan. Among them, at least 16 are political prisoners who remain in prisons or pre-trial detention facilities.

The protection of political refugees and illegal extraditions: debate in Kyiv

12 December 2019

On 10 December 2019, in Kyiv, a discussion was held on the topic: “How to protect political refugees from illegal extraditions and misuse of interstate legal assistance?”. The event was held as part of the 4th National Human Rights Non-Conference. The Open Dialogue Foundation, the Right to Protection Charitable Foundation, the Kharkov Institute of Social Studies, and the Human Rights Agenda Coalition were among the organisers of the event.

List of Kazakhstani political prisoners and other politically prosecuted persons (updated)

4 November 2019

This report examines the cases of 39 individuals who are currently subject to politically motivated criminal prosecution in Kazakhstan. Among them, 21 are political prisoners who remain in prisons or pre-trial detention facilities.

Kazakhstan After the 6th of July 2019: Authorities Persecute and Imprison the Participants of Peaceful Protests

15 August 2019

On 6 July 2019, rallies were planned in various cities of Kazakhstan to demand that the results of the presidential election be cancelled and Nazarbayev be deprived of power, as well as against Chinese expansion. Law enforcement agencies detained about 700 peaceful protesters in different places.

Election in Kazakhstan: Gross falsifications and mass arrests of peaceful protesters

21 June 2019

Nazarbayev’s protege Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev expectedly won the presidential elections in Kazakhstan. The elections were fully controlled and constituted merely an imitation of the electoral process. A lack of trust in the election results is not only due to the lack of legislative conditions for fair

They’ve come for you. Misuse of extradition procedures, unlawful expulsions and kidnappings of victims politically motivated prosecution

25 February 2019

In international law, there is an unconditional ban on the extradition of persons to countries where they may find themselves at risk of torture and ill-treatment. Extradition requests issued on the basis of politically motivated prosecutions are also illegal.

The list of Kazakhstani political prisoners and other victims of politically motivated prosecution (updated)

14 November 2018

In an attempt to prevent a reduction in the volume of foreign investment in the country’s economy, and to maintain its positive international image, the authorities of Kazakhstan are being forced to make individual concessions in the cases of political prisoners.

Collective complaint: Be quiet! Or be charged with extremism

5 November 2018

This report is a collective complaint on behalf of 129 citizens of Kazakhstan who have fallen victim to arbitrary detention, criminal prosecution, torture, ill-treatment, threats and surveillance. All were accused of supporting the peaceful opposition movement “Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan”.

Report: The authorities of Moldova roll back the democratisation process and fail to fulfill their obligations to the EU

17 May 2018

Year in and year out, Moldova cannot shake off the shackles of corruption, oligarchy, and selective justice. International partners expressed their readiness to render assistance to the country in carrying out the necessary reforms, but they have faced sabotage and inactivity

Kazakhstan: Violent mass detentions of protesters during the visit of the European Parliament delegation

15 May 2018

On 10 May 2018, in Kazakhstan, the police dispersed peaceful protesters with the use of brute force. Participants in the protests were striving to draw the attention of the delegation of the EP to the problem of political prisoners and the practice of torture in the country’s detention centres.

Report: The list of Kazakhstani political prisoners and other victims of politically motivated prosecution (updated)

27 April 2018

Thus far, more than 38 cases of politically motivated criminal prosecution have been registered in Kazakhstan. Of these, 24 political prisoners are being held in prisons and detention facilities, or even (in two cases) in mental hospitals.

The case of Zhanara Akhmetova: Ukraine once again helps the authoritarian regime to get an opposition journalist

26 October 2017

Kazakhstan put the journalist Zhanara Akhmetova on the wanted list on the basis of a court judgement which had already become effective; according to her counsels, it is illegal. The Migration Service of Ukraine refused to grant refugee status to Akhmetova.

Kazakhstan: The life of political prisoner Mukhtar Dzhakishev is in danger

11 September 2017

Mukhtar Dzhakishev’s serious chronic diseases have become more advanced. He is in a need of urgent hospitalisation. Serving time in one of the harshest penal facilities in Kazakhstan, Dzhakishev is not receiving the necessary medical care