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Former Member of the Duma appealed for the release of Rafis Kashapov

9 February 2015

A group of intellectuals of Tatar nationality, including former Member of the State Duma, distinguished artists and scientists, vouched for activist Rafis Kashapov, currently on hunger strike.

Rafis Kashapov is still on a hunger strike

28 January 2015

The Tatar activist, arrested in Kazan, who openly sympathises with Ukraine, has been on hunger strike for almost two weeks now. Meanwhile, the oppression of people who have stood in his defence, is ongoing, and the local television stations materials defaming the activist.

Freedom for Rafis Kashapov

18 January 2015

Nafis Kashapov, a refugee from Tatarstan, demanded on Plac Zamkowy in Warsaw, freedom for his brother Rafis, detained by the FSB in December 2014 having been accused of engaging in “anti-state activities”.

Kafkaesque farce. Response to the allegations against Bartosz Kramek

1 July 2021

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has accused Bartosz Kramek, an activist and the Chairman of the Foundation’s Supervisory Board, of “laundering money originating from the crime of a false statement”. What was not elaborated upon was the content of the false statement, the issue of which invoices were issued and why the company’s transparent and publicly […]

Response to the report “Activities and connections of the Open Dialogue Foundation” dated August 14, 2017

6 November 2017

Following its firm statement in defence of the independence of the judiciary, and thus, against violation of the Constitution and the rule of law in Poland, on 21 July 2017, ODF became the object of unprecedented attacks by the Polish governmental administration and broader right-wing circles.

He was calling for solidarity with the Crimean Tatars and Ukraine, and was arrested for inciting racial hatred

20 January 2015

Rafis Kashapov, one of the most important Tatar activists from the Republic of Tatarstan, is continuing his hunger strike in a Kazan prison. He was placed there after returning from Turkey, where he had organised support for Ukraine and the Crimean Tatars.

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