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Report: Hate crimes in Poland in 2020

10 August 2021

The fear of refugees helped the Law and Justice to win the parliamentary elections of 2015. At that time, the party used to expressly promote its anti-immigration philosophy, which was soon reflected by the growing ratio of assaults on the grounds of racism and xenophobia.

Report: How Hate Kills. Hate Crimes in Poland in 2019

8 June 2020

The last five years have been a period of rapid changes on the political scene in Poland – in 2015, presidential and parliamentary elections were held, and the election campaigns often referred to the dangers of immigration, aroused fears of refugees or Islamists, and appealed to anti-Semitic and anti-Ukrainian sentiments. At the same time, Europe faced the challenge of receiving and integrating large groups of immigrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Although this process was not visible in Poland, it became a subject of lively public debate, accompanied by real government action in this field.

Hate unmasked: new report on hate crimes in Poland

8 June 2020

Over 70 instances of hate crimes on racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, xenophobicand other grounds. This grim record is a result of Open Dialogue’s latest investigation into hate crimes in Poland. The report covers the period stretching from January to December 2019, and complements the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) annual reporting on “hate incidents” across the OSCE area. Most alarmingly, the report reveals a hate crime-conducive environment with the authorities turning a blind eye, or – worst still – being complicit in endorsing and spreading intolerance, stigmatisation, discrimination or even incitement to violence.

Hate crimes in Poland in 2018: selected cases

4 July 2019

According to the analysis of the Ministry of Justice, in the first half of 2018, 890 cases of hate crimes were reported to Polish law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, not all criminal acts motivated by racial, xenophobic, homophobic hatred, etc., are reported to law enforcement authorities.

ODF at an OSCE workshop in Prague: how to fight hate speech

25 November 2019

On 22 November 2019, Foundation representatives took part in the workshop ‘Addressing Intolerant Discourse, Hate Speech and Hate Crimes in the Visegrád Group’ in Prague. The aim of the meeting was to exchange experiences and views regarding combating hate speech in the countries of the Visegrád Group.

Debunking of Entry for Open Dialogue Foundation in the “NGO Watchlist” of the Institute for European Integrity

11 January 2023

Executive summary On 31 October 2022, a newly created, supposed NGO, the Institute for European Integrity (IEI), published an entry for the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) as part of its “NGO Watchlist.” IEI labelled the Foundation as an organisation with alleged “strong links to individual(s) sanctioned or criminally prosecuted by a European Union, United States […]

Advocating for the rule of law in Poland and against religious fundamentalists at OSCE/ODIHR forum

9 October 2022

In the weeks of 26 September – 7 October the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and its Warsaw-based Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) held its 2022 Warsaw Human Dimension Conference, serving as a summit, or plenary session, of the OSCE’s human rights institution. The conference was attended by OSCE […]

Highlights of Bartosz Kramek’s activism in Poland

20 October 2021

Bartosz Kramek’s involvement in the defense of the rule of law & supporting civil society in Poland started with his 2017 Facebook post, listing his recommendations for peaceful civil disobedience actions against the increasingly-authoritarian PiS government. His most notable achievements include: As a leader of the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF): Coordinating the largest Polish support […]

Police Brutality in Poland: Protecting Citizens and Enforcing Accountability. An online event with MEPs

3 August 2021

On July 20th, 2021, we organised an online hearing on the worrisome situation in Poland regarding police brutality against peaceful protestors. The event has also featured the presentation of our “Appeal against Brutality and Impunity of Police in Poland” with the attached list of recent instances of police abuse against activists and demonstrators, and signed […]

It’s time to take stock: how we fought for the rule of law in Poland in 2020

28 December 2020

The tumultuous year 2020 is coming to an end. It is time to sum up what we have managed to do in the fight for the rule of law in Poland. The pandemic was not an easy time – forced austerity and accelerated adaptation to new conditions. We closed our offices and moved our democracy […]

While the PiS are fighting the «Banderites», Putin is rubbing his hands with glee

15 March 2019

Poll results have demonstrated that Poles are the most liked nation in Ukraine, ahead of Belarussians and Canadians. Yet, we do our best to make Ukrainians stop liking us.

Repressions and Political Prisoners in Tokayev’s “New Kazakhstan”

18 August 2023

Disclamer This report provides an overview of political persecution and human rights violations in Kazakhstan, as well as a list of political prisoners in Kazakhstan. The information presented in this report was collected with the assistance of Kazakhstani human rights defenders and civil activists. In addition, the report is based on data provided by victims […]

Mass shootings and torture of peaceful protesters in Kazakhstan: Country’s authorities cannot be trusted. The need of independent international investigation

23 February 2022

Mass protests in early January 2022 in Kazakhstan took place in 48 cities and over 40 localities. Growing repression, the deteriorating economic situation and bogus reforms caused this unprecedented social upheaval in the modern history of independent Kazakhstan.

Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office: Selected Cases of Malicious Prosecution and Dereliction of Duties

16 February 2022

Since the Law and Justice (PiS)-led United Right coalition took power in 2015, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of politicisation of the public prosecution service, which has been transformed into a tool serving political and personal interests of the ruling camp and its members. This resulted in a growing number of politically motivated cases of investigations carried out primarily against those regarded as opponents of the government.

Kazakhstan: unprecedented acts of the regime’s terror against civilians and the Russian-led CSTO’s military intervention

14 January 2022

This report is based on data, video and photo materials from eyewitnesses, activists, human rights defenders, peaceful protesters from more than 60 cities and villages in Kazakhstan, where protests were held. It also contains references to statements of the US, the EEAS, international organisations such as the UN, the OSCE, media outlets. In order to ensure safety of eyewitnesses, their names are not mentioned. Co-authors of this report, Raigul Sadyrbayeva and Aiya Sadvakasova, have been arrested under politically motivated criminal cases for their human rights activities. The authors of this report express their gratitude for all informants and volunteers, who contributed to this report despite risking their lives and freedom. The authors of the report extend their condolences to families, relatives and friends of those who lost their lives during these mass repressions. We strongly believe that the truth must be unravelled and perpetrators must be held accountable.

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