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Maia Sandu after meeting with Poland’s ambassador: Warsaw authorities are not interfering in the political struggle in Chisinau

27 August 2018

The embassy of Poland is upset that the decision of a Polish institution in relation to the non-governmental organization Open Dialogue Foundation is being used against the opposition in Chisinau.

ODF in the EP in Strasbourg: the Fall of Sandu’s Government in Moldova

19 December 2019

On December 18-19, 2019, the Open Dialogue Foundation’s team, together with human rights defenders from Moldova, conducted very constructive meetings in the European Parliament in plenary session in Strasbourg. The delegation consisted of Ana Ursachi, attorney prosecuted for political reasons, Stefan Gligor, co-founder and Justice and Advocacy Program Director at the Center for Policies and Reforms, Stella Juntuan, activist and former member of the Moldovan parliament, Grigore Petrenco, political refugee in Germany and leader of the Red Bloc opposition party, and was led by our colleague Martin Mycielski, Public Affairs Director at ODF.

Has the State Been Captured Yet Again? Corruption and Political Persecutions in Moldova

17 December 2019

The Democratic Party of Moldova came to power in the Republic of Moldova for the first time in 2013. Over 6 years, the party and its leader Vladimir Plahotniuc managed to establish control over the key state bodies and to usurp power in the state. On 8 June 2019 a government was formed in Moldova that was headed by Maia Sandu. The objectives of the new government were proclaimed to be deoligarchisation, fighting corruption, and conducting reform of justice.

Parliament of Moldova annulled the slanderous report

8 February 2023

The Moldovan Parliament has annulled the report on the alleged interference of the Open Dialogue Foundation into internal affairs of the state. On 2 February 2023, MPs of the ruling Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) recognized that the report was being used as an intimidating tool against the opposition, and the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, […]

“Intimidating the opposition”. Action and Solidarity (PAS) MPs withdraw the report on the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF)

2 February 2023

The Moldovan Parliament has annulled the report on the alleged interference of the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) in Moldova’s internal affairs. MPs from the ruling party Action and Solidarity (PAS) expressed that the 2018 report was adopted to intimidate the opposition parties (PAS was one of the parties listed in the document). The Poland-based Open […]

Debunking of Entry for Open Dialogue Foundation in the “NGO Watchlist” of the Institute for European Integrity

11 January 2023

Executive summary On 31 October 2022, a newly created, supposed NGO, the Institute for European Integrity (IEI), published an entry for the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) as part of its “NGO Watchlist.” IEI labelled the Foundation as an organisation with alleged “strong links to individual(s) sanctioned or criminally prosecuted by a European Union, United States […]

Moldova’s “Theft of the Century” – ostensible investigations or sincere lust for justice?

9 July 2021

In the run up to Moldova’s early parliamentary elections, the Left in the European Parliament, the Open Dialogue Foundation, and Freedom Advocacy would like to share a new study with you – “Moldova’s ‘Theft of the Century’ – ostensible investigations or sincere lust for justice?”. The report was commissioned by the Left in the European Parliament and was prepared in cooperation with the Open Dialogue Foundation and Freedom Advocacy with the help of Moldovan experts, journalists and human rights defenders.

Moldova’s “Theft of the Century” – ostensible investigations or sincere lust for justice?

8 July 2021

The theft of one billion USD from Moldova’s banking system during 2012-2014 was a real shock to the country and its citizens. It still has a dramatic impact on the life of all Moldavans and the functioning of society. The long-term destructive effects of corruption, political mismanagement and the deterioration of the normal functioning of the state are reiterated by the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, the lack of sufficient capacity to fight this health crisis. The aim of the study is to highlight these events and to characterise this latest – still open – chapter in Moldova’s recent history. Another key objective of the study is to contribute to the return of the stolen money to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Kajetan Wróblewski for Monitor Konstytucyjny: “Poor citizens are looking at the jail”

5 July 2021

Or maybe they are turning their heads away, because they turn their heads as a result of the Kremlin-PiS propaganda. Since June 23, a political prisoner of the PiS party, Bartosz Kramek from the Open Dialogue Foundation, has been held in detention. On July 8, time runs out for him to pay PLN 300,000 bail, which would allow […]

Jurasz: Kramek arrest will spur negative international responses

25 June 2021

“The case of Bartosz Kramek, following that of Lyudmyla Kozlovska, in which the Polish government utterly failed to convince others of its arguments, looks bad. I guess that his arrest will likely spur objections across the world. If Kramek and Kozlovska were playing with dirty money, they should be nailed by the authorities, but now […]

Get Kramek! Activist in Temporary Custody

25 June 2021

The Internal Security Agency detained the Chair of the Board of the Open Dialogue Foundation on charges formerly levelled by the clan of a corrupt Moldovan oligarch. Bartosz Kramek was arrested based on a warrant issued by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin. Since 2017, the Law and Justice government has been calling Bartosz Kramek […]

Invitation to an online event — Moldova’s “Theft of the Century”

10 June 2021

The Left in the European Parliament, the Open Dialogue Foundation, Freedom Advocacy invite you to attend the online event  Moldova’s “Theft of the Century” – ostensible investigations or sincere lust for justice? Monday, 14 June 202118:00 – 19:30 CEST Zoom session & Live streaming available on ODF’s Facebook page  On the occasion of the publication […]

ODF’s submission to the European Commission in view of the upcoming EU – Moldova human rights dialogue

20 August 2020

Unreformed Moldova and yet still captured. As a result of the parliamentary elections (24 February 2019), Vladimir Plahotniuc, who has been accused of usurping the power in the Republic of Moldova, was forced to flee from the country. Despite the mounting pressure from civil society and international partners, including the EU, the government coalition led […]

Moldova has closed the political investigation against Lyudmyla Kozlovska

14 May 2020

On 11 May 2020, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Moldova announced the discontinuation of the investigation against the head of the Open Dialogue Foundation, Lyudmyla Kozlovska.

Gazeta Prawna: Moldova is withdrawing from the charges against Kozlovska

13 May 2020

A prosecutor from Gagauzia with a colourful curriculum vitae closed the investigation against the head of ODF.

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