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Plahotniuc’s repressive tools”: Lyudmyla Kozlovska comments on the annulment of the report against the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF)

3 February 2023

The human rights defender Lyudmyla Kozlovska, in an interview with Europa Liberă, has commented on the decision of the Moldovan Parliament to annul the 2018 Report, falsely claiming that the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) had allegedly interfered in Moldova’s internal affairs. According to Ms Kozlovska, lobbyists from other countries tried to use the Report against […]

Online event: “Targeted Sanctions as a Tool to Safeguard Human Rights. The EU Legal Framework and National Initiatives”

20 July 2021

On 15 April 2021, ODF co-hosted an online conference on the new EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime and the effectiveness of personal (targeted) sanctions in safeguarding human rights. The event was co-organised in partnership with the Italian Federation for Human Rights, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, Freedom Kazakhstan Foundation and the Global Committee for […]

ODF’s recommendations on the adoption of Magnitsky-style sanctions in Australian legislation

21 April 2020

ODF is a long-standing promoter and advocate of the Global Magnitsky Act. Hence, as a response to the inquiry into whether Australia should examine the use of targeted sanctions to address human rights abuses, ODF submitted its recommendations with the aim of encouraging the adoption of Magnitsky-style sanctions in the national legislation. Our submission, authored by ODF’s team, is available on the Parliament’s website, after becoming an official document of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade – Human Rights sub-committee.

The Captured State: Politically Motivated Prosecution in Moldova And Usurpation of Power by Vladimir Plahotniuc

22 May 2017

Against the backdrop of growing public discontent with the current government, the political regime in Moldova is becoming tougher. The powerful oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc has monopolised the influence on the state authorities and, currently, he controls law enforcement agencies.

Lyudmyla Kozlovska

1 December 2023

The Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) is known for its support for Ukraine during the Maidan revolution, its humanitarian response to Russian aggression in 2014 and 2022, as well as vocal advocacy campaigns to protect political prisoners in the post-Soviet area and impose G7 sanctions against Russia and its allies. ODF has been campaigning for the […]

Behind the glass wall. How to turn a dissident into a terrorist and a fraudster

5 November 2023

Russia is threatened with exclusion from the international system of combating money laundering. The issue of Russia’s inclusion on the blacklist of the organisation in question – the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) – was considered at Ukraine’s request at a recent FATF session. The decision has not yet been made, but it may be […]

Attacks on the Open Dialogue Foundation

21 September 2023

Since the beginning of our work, we have been taking action against individuals, governments and other institutions committing human rights abuses and violating the rule of law. These include regimes in authoritarian states, post-Soviet oligarchs and ruling parties in some European countries. We have thus gained powerful opponents with virtually unlimited financial resources, which have […]

Repressions and Political Prisoners in Tokayev’s “New Kazakhstan”

18 August 2023

Disclamer This report provides an overview of political persecution and human rights violations in Kazakhstan, as well as a list of political prisoners in Kazakhstan. The information presented in this report was collected with the assistance of Kazakhstani human rights defenders and civil activists. In addition, the report is based on data provided by victims […]

“Intimidating the opposition”. Action and Solidarity (PAS) MPs withdraw the report on the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF)

2 February 2023

The Moldovan Parliament has annulled the report on the alleged interference of the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) in Moldova’s internal affairs. MPs from the ruling party Action and Solidarity (PAS) expressed that the 2018 report was adopted to intimidate the opposition parties (PAS was one of the parties listed in the document). The Poland-based Open […]

Debunking of Entry for Open Dialogue Foundation in the “NGO Watchlist” of the Institute for European Integrity

11 January 2023

Executive summary On 31 October 2022, a newly created, supposed NGO, the Institute for European Integrity (IEI), published an entry for the Open Dialogue Foundation (ODF) as part of its “NGO Watchlist.” IEI labelled the Foundation as an organisation with alleged “strong links to individual(s) sanctioned or criminally prosecuted by a European Union, United States […]

Dangerous blindness – debunking TVP Info defamatory op-ed by secret services spokesperson S. Żaryn

6 September 2021

Following the detention of our Supervisory Board Chair Bartosz Kramek in June 2021, the pro-government and public media further intensified their smear campaign against him and ODF.  In response to a public appeal in support of Kramek, initiated by former Polish president Lech Wałęsa, Stanisław Żaryn, the spokesperson of the Minister-Coordinator for Special Services, personally […]

Moldova’s “Theft of the Century” – ostensible investigations or sincere lust for justice?

9 July 2021

In the run up to Moldova’s early parliamentary elections, the Left in the European Parliament, the Open Dialogue Foundation, and Freedom Advocacy would like to share a new study with you – “Moldova’s ‘Theft of the Century’ – ostensible investigations or sincere lust for justice?”. The report was commissioned by the Left in the European Parliament and was prepared in cooperation with the Open Dialogue Foundation and Freedom Advocacy with the help of Moldovan experts, journalists and human rights defenders.

Moldova’s “Theft of the Century” – ostensible investigations or sincere lust for justice?

8 July 2021

The theft of one billion USD from Moldova’s banking system during 2012-2014 was a real shock to the country and its citizens. It still has a dramatic impact on the life of all Moldavans and the functioning of society. The long-term destructive effects of corruption, political mismanagement and the deterioration of the normal functioning of the state are reiterated by the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, the lack of sufficient capacity to fight this health crisis. The aim of the study is to highlight these events and to characterise this latest – still open – chapter in Moldova’s recent history. Another key objective of the study is to contribute to the return of the stolen money to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Kafkaesque farce. Response to the allegations against Bartosz Kramek

1 July 2021

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has accused Bartosz Kramek, an activist and the Chairman of the Foundation’s Supervisory Board, of “laundering money originating from the crime of a false statement”. What was not elaborated upon was the content of the false statement, the issue of which invoices were issued and why the company’s transparent and publicly […]

ODF’s submission to the European Commission in view of the upcoming EU – Moldova human rights dialogue

20 August 2020

Unreformed Moldova and yet still captured. As a result of the parliamentary elections (24 February 2019), Vladimir Plahotniuc, who has been accused of usurping the power in the Republic of Moldova, was forced to flee from the country. Despite the mounting pressure from civil society and international partners, including the EU, the government coalition led […]

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