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Report: Hate crimes in Poland in 2020

10 August 2021

The fear of refugees helped the Law and Justice to win the parliamentary elections of 2015. At that time, the party used to expressly promote its anti-immigration philosophy, which was soon reflected by the growing ratio of assaults on the grounds of racism and xenophobia.

Police Brutality in Poland: Protecting Citizens and Enforcing Accountability. An online event with MEPs

3 August 2021

On July 20th, 2021, we organised an online hearing on the worrisome situation in Poland regarding police brutality against peaceful protestors. The event has also featured the presentation of our “Appeal against Brutality and Impunity of Police in Poland” with the attached list of recent instances of police abuse against activists and demonstrators, and signed […]

Appeal Against Police Violence and Impunity in Poland

13 July 2021

In defence of freedom of assembly and the rights of protestors We, citizens of the Republic of Poland and the European Union, oppose the violence of the Polish police against participants in peaceful pro-democracy protests and the impunity of officers who break the law.  After the political camp centred around the Law and Justice (PiS) […]

Prosecutorial standards in Poland are closer to those in Belarus than in the EU. ODF’s hearing for MEPs with persecuted Polish prosecutors

5 March 2021

On 4 March 2021 we organised an online hearing for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), European Parliament advisors and selected journalists under the title “Law and Justice’s Crackdown on Independent Prosecutors in Poland Intensifies”, featuring persecuted Polish independent prosecutors from the Lex Super Omnia association – Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Jacek Bilewicz and Ewa Wrzosek – […]

ODF’s Appeal to OSCE to stop policing speech in Poland

13 November 2020

On 9 November 2020, during the Second Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting (SHDM), our advocacy officer, Katarzyna Szczypska, urged the OSCE bodies to pressure the Polish authorities to stop using blasphemy laws to police speech.

Onet: Grant from the US Embassy in Poland to the Open Dialogue Foundation

8 July 2020

he Open Dialogue Foundation, headed by Lyudmyla Kozlovska, received PLN 71,000 from the U.S. Department of State for the promotion of the rule of law in Poland. – at the same time, the news site pointed out that the President herself, who is a Ukrainian citizen, cannot come to Poland as her name is on the national list of undesirable persons.

Report: How Hate Kills. Hate Crimes in Poland in 2019

8 June 2020

The last five years have been a period of rapid changes on the political scene in Poland – in 2015, presidential and parliamentary elections were held, and the election campaigns often referred to the dangers of immigration, aroused fears of refugees or Islamists, and appealed to anti-Semitic and anti-Ukrainian sentiments. At the same time, Europe faced the challenge of receiving and integrating large groups of immigrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East. Although this process was not visible in Poland, it became a subject of lively public debate, accompanied by real government action in this field.

Hate unmasked: new report on hate crimes in Poland

8 June 2020

Over 70 instances of hate crimes on racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, xenophobicand other grounds. This grim record is a result of Open Dialogue’s latest investigation into hate crimes in Poland. The report covers the period stretching from January to December 2019, and complements the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) annual reporting on “hate incidents” across the OSCE area. Most alarmingly, the report reveals a hate crime-conducive environment with the authorities turning a blind eye, or – worst still – being complicit in endorsing and spreading intolerance, stigmatisation, discrimination or even incitement to violence.

Addressing the state-sponsored discrimination in Kazakhstan and Poland at an OSCE meeting

28 May 2020

On May 25-26th, our Maksym Sytnikov and Katarzyna Szczypska, addressed the issues of ethnic tensions and ethnic discrimination in Kazakhstan and state-sponsored hatred by the public media in Poland at the Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting (SHDM).

Can Rafał Trzaskowski reverse the fortunes of Poland’s opposition?

22 May 2020

In an interview with Emerging Europe, ODF representatives Katarzyna Szczypska and Martin Mycielski spoke about the strengths and weaknesses of the delayed start of the opposition candidate Rafał Trzaskowski in Polish presidential election, his chances of defeating the current President and also why these elections may be the last fight for the Polish democracy.

Decisive phase of the fight for the rule of law in Poland: open letter to the European Commission

29 April 2020

The next few days and weeks will determine the fate of the Supreme Court, a key institution in the Polish legal system that is currently upholding the independence of the judiciary. In 2018 the Supreme Court was attacked by two foreign bodies, the so-called Disciplinary Chamber (ID) and the Chamber of Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs (IKNiSP). Contrary to their names, they do not consist of independent judges, but of party nominees loyal to the current parliamentary majority and the Law and Justice government.

Poland’s incredulous presidential election

30 March 2020

As incredible as it may seem in the current climate, with most of Europe on lockdown and national elections cancelled in Serbia and North Macedonia, Poland appears determined to go ahead with its presidential vote, set to be held on May 10. A second round, if needed, would take place two weeks later

Poland’s sham presidential election in a pandemic

27 March 2020

Some 25 countries have decided to postpone their upcoming elections, with the last few – mostly regional or in tiny states – being held in early March.

#PosiłekDlaLekarza campaign covers all Poland. Local media write about us

20 March 2020

Although most of the COVID-19 cases in Poland have been recorded in Warsaw, restaurateurs from all over the country have decided to join the #MealForDoctor campaign and support local hospital workers with meals.

An appeal to Morawecki for aid for refugees in Poland. Open Dialogue Foundation among the signatories

5 March 2020

In its letter to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, the Open Dialogue Foundation, along with other civil society organisations, appeals to the Polish authorities for aid for refugees and, thus, fulfil their international obligations.