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What’s new at the Homes for Independent Mums?

19 September 2022

The Home for Independent Mums at Al. Jerozolimskie in Warsaw In August, two months before her due date, Yana was born. Her mother is already at home with her two other children and goes to the hospital twice a day with milk for her premature baby girl. Yana will be discharged from the hospital in […]

Our help for Ukraine. Summary for the period 24.02-17.09.2022

18 September 2022

Since 24 February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, we have been doing everything to support our friends and neighbours. Thanks to your support our aid has included, among others, 59 transports with which we have delivered 71,109 pieces of protective and life- saving equipment!

Stories flowing with tears. Tales of refugees from Ukraine

12 September 2022

Volunteers and staff from the Open Dialogue Foundation meet dozens of people every day who are fleeing the hell of war and their stories. The war in Ukraine continues, and in search of shelter, safety and a chance of survival for themselves and their loved ones, our guests decide to embark on a gruelling and dangerous journey of several days, under a hail of bullets, with numerous roadblocks by the occupying forces along the way, where any such situation could become tragic in its consequences. There are almost always tears at the end of this journey, and they are triggered by all kinds of emotions

A day in the life of volunteers – next chapter

3 August 2022

We recently published a post by an ODF volunteer from a day spent helping Ukrainian refugees. This time, we bring you the notes of our foundation colleague Agata Dziopa, creator of the Homes for Independent Mums from Ukraine and coordinator of the project co-implemented with AirBnb.

A day in the life of an ODF volunteer. “Five minutes of sleep, plenty of satisfaction and memories”

4 July 2022

If you wonder what the work of an ODF volunteer supporting refugees looks like, you should read this post by our foundation colleague Dominik Berlinski, who, in addition to his duties as coordinator, selflessly helps others after his working hours.

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Summary for the period 24.02-13.06

17 June 2022

It’s been over 3 months since we launched our Ukraine support campaign, helping both those who had to leave their homes and those who stayed to fight. Check out what we’ve accomplished so far thanks to your generosity! In 3 months we’ve delivered 57 848 pieces of protective equipment to Ukraine, including: – 5448 bulletproof […]

#DomMam campaign: It could have been me

27 May 2022

Learn the stories of Ukrainian refugee women told by Polish sisters and help support the House of Independent Mothers from Ukraine.

Our humanitarian aid for Ukraine already exceeds PLN 14 million. Summary for the period 24.02-27.04

30 April 2022

Since 24 February, when Russia invaded Ukraine, we have been doing everything to support our friends and neighbours. Thanks to your support during March-April 2022 we collected over PLN 14 million for humanitarian aid for Ukraine. These funds – sent to us in the form of donations to bank accounts, public collections on the […]

Changes to the Helpline for refugees. Our help is even more effective now

26 April 2022

Since 10 April, our colleague Magda Janczewska has been the coordinator of the Helpline for refugees. Every day, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (i.e. 14 hours a day), our wonderful volunteers help the people who are in the process of relocating from Ukraine and have asked for help from the Foundation. Currently, seven volunteers […]

Vests and helmets for drivers of the drug “metastasis tunnel” for children with oncological diseases

13 April 2022

A group of fearless firefighters from the Fire Department of the Specialised rescue team “Firefighters Together Against Leukaemia”, in cooperation with, among others, oncology hospitals in Poland and abroad, created a “metastasis tunnel” for medicines for oncology patients of Ukrainian children. The transport also included bandages for Ukraine’s freedom fighters, who were trained by firefighters […]

We have completed several medical transports to Ukraine

13 April 2022

In addition to the shipment of life-saving equipment – bulletproof vests, helmets and night vision devices – we have already sent several medical shipments. In the rush of things, we have not yet informed you about the convoy with medical equipment and supplies that was sent on 16 March to Lviv, from where it reached […]

Bulletproof vests and helmets were sent to Korosten in the Zhytomyr region

9 April 2022

Thanks to you, life-saving equipment – bulletproof vests and helmets – purchased with the funds from our public collection, have just been delivered to Korosten in the Zhytomyr region. Bordering the Kyiv region and Belarus, it is an important resistance point for the Ukrainians heroically defending their people. The area is regularly attacked by Russian […]

As part of our activities as a refugee relocation centre, we have already helped over 1,000 people

8 April 2022

For many refugees, Poland is the first safe destination that offers protection from war. Unfortunately, our placement options are limited, and many refugees want to flee further, but are not sure whether this is possible or how. Thanks to cooperation with foreign foundations and private hosts willing to accept refugees from Ukraine, our volunteers help […]

We launched a programme to relocate Ukrainian refugees from Poland to other EU countries

31 March 2022

In Poland we have managed to find homes for around 5,000 people and a dozen or so four-legged friends. Now, due to new needs, we are helping to find safe homes at the premises of our neighbours in the EU. What has our work been like on this ‘front line’ in recent weeks? On the […]

Support the Home for Independent Mums from Ukraine!

31 March 2022

Thousands of women have been forced to leave their homes in Ukraine, fearing for their lives and those of their children. Now they find themselves in a new reality. We want to provide Mothers from Ukraine with a place where they will be able to receive long-term support and become independent in this difficult situation. […]