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ODF supports lustration and judiciary reform in Ukraine

26 March 2015

Ukraine needs a systemic solution to enable it to settle accounts with the past – including with the rule of former President, Yanukovych. After the revolution, the time has come for reforms.

In Brussels about the struggle against corruption, lustration and reforms in Ukraine

24 March 2015

The Open Dialogue Foundation, in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Europabüro Brüssel, organised an informal meeting in Brussels on the current progress of the reforms in Ukraine.

Press Briefing: When will Yarema be punished?

23 March 2015

Participants of the press briefing presented a detailed report regarding the inactivity of the General Prosecutor’s Office and cited grounds for bringing the former General Prosecutor to liability. The briefing was held in the Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre (UCMC) on 19 March, 2015 at 11:30 a.m.

A meeting with Tetiana Kozachenko

17 March 2015

“The Ukrainian World” in Warsaw held a meeting with a Ukrainian delegation of individuals responsible for lustration. The delegation included both representatives of the government and civil society.

A regime prosecutor is still receiving his pension? A quick response from the ODF and Jehor Sobolev

18 February 2015

The President of the Open Dialogue Foundation, Lyudmyla Kozlovska, posted on her Facebook page new information about the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine from the times of Yanukovych, Victor Pshonka

“We do not expect immediate results” – Polish expert on the Lustration Department in Ukraine

12 February 2015

How to effectively cooperate, manage time and the process of communication, and how to resolve conflicts in the ethical sphere and in the conditions of conflicting pressures from interest groups

Updated amendment suggestions to the Ukrainian law on lustration

11 December 2014

In connection with the presentation of the report summarising the legislative work on the Ukrainian lustration law, the project coordinator from the Foundation presented the latest expert recommendations regarding the changes in the law, which would bring the law more into line with the standards o

A briefing on the ‘lustration law’: a critique and prospects’

11 December 2014

Today at 2:00 p.m., the Open Dialogue Foundation presented the report A summary on the development of the law on lustration No. 4359 ‘On lustration of the state authorities’ in the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre.

Seminarium: Lustration of Judiciary: Ukrainian and International Practices

5 December 2014

Agnieszka Piasecka, who on a daily basis monitors the implementation of the lustration reform, including the verification of the justice system, participated in a seminar entitled ‘Lustration of Judiciary: Ukrainian and International Practices’. EU experts, including Professor Lorena Bachmaier Winter, an expert from the Council of Europe and a professor of law from the University […]

The Lustration Council presented in Kiev

24 October 2014

The Civic Lustration Council with the Ministry of Justice has been appointed in Ukraine. At a press conference in Kiev its members were introduced, among them was the President of the Open Dialogue Foundation, Lyudmyla Kozlovska.

Summary of the round table ‘Lustration: International experiences and prospects in Ukraine’

11 September 2014

On 11 September, 2014, a round table ‘Lustration: International experiences and prospects in Ukraine’, organised jointly by the Kiev office of the Open Dialogue Foundation and USAID FAIR Justice Project, was held at the President Hotel, Kiev.

Roundtable “Lustration: International Experience and Perspectives in Ukraine”

8 September 2014

On the 11th September at the Hotel President in Kyiv there will be the Roundtable Lustration: International Experience and Perspectives in Ukraine.

Foreign expertise on draft law “On Purification of Government”

30 August 2014

Following publications are a result of an ongoing project of the Open Dialogue Foundation focused on support of lustration initiatives in Ukraine.

Open Dialogue Foundation actively supports lustration in Ukraine

30 August 2014

Since late March the Open Dialogue Foundation is actively supporting lustration initiatives in Ukraine.

Results of the conference: “Lustration: solutions for Ukraine”

28 August 2014

On 1st April the Open Dialogue Foundation organized an international conference “Lustration: solutions for Ukraine” that was held at the Hotel Kozatzky in Kyiv.

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