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It is almost a year of war. Here is what we have given to Ukraine and the Ukrainians so far

9 February 2023

Since 24 February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, we have been doing everything to support our friends and neighbours. Thanks to your support our aid has included, among others, 75 transports with which we have delivered 71,764 pieces of protective and life- saving equipment! The aid mentioned above included:– 1 117 helmets;– 4 ventilators;– 5 […]

Our help for Ukraine. Summary for the period 24.02-30.11.2022

1 December 2022

Since 24 February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, we have been doing everything to support our friends and neighbours. Thanks to your support our aid has included, among others, 67 transports with which we have delivered 71 211 pieces of protective and life-saving equipment! The aid mentioned above included: ● 1 117 helmets; ● 4 […]

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Summary for the period 24.02-13.06

17 June 2022

It’s been over 3 months since we launched our Ukraine support campaign, helping both those who had to leave their homes and those who stayed to fight. Check out what we’ve accomplished so far thanks to your generosity! In 3 months we’ve delivered 57 848 pieces of protective equipment to Ukraine, including: – 5448 bulletproof […]

Our humanitarian aid for Ukraine already exceeds PLN 14 million. Summary for the period 24.02-27.04

30 April 2022

Since 24 February, when Russia invaded Ukraine, we have been doing everything to support our friends and neighbours. Thanks to your support during March-April 2022 we collected over PLN 14 million for humanitarian aid for Ukraine. These funds – sent to us in the form of donations to bank accounts, public collections on the […]

Vests and helmets for drivers of the drug “metastasis tunnel” for children with oncological diseases

13 April 2022

A group of fearless firefighters from the Fire Department of the Specialised rescue team “Firefighters Together Against Leukaemia”, in cooperation with, among others, oncology hospitals in Poland and abroad, created a “metastasis tunnel” for medicines for oncology patients of Ukrainian children. The transport also included bandages for Ukraine’s freedom fighters, who were trained by firefighters […]

Bulletproof vests and helmets were sent to Korosten in the Zhytomyr region

9 April 2022

Thanks to you, life-saving equipment – bulletproof vests and helmets – purchased with the funds from our public collection, have just been delivered to Korosten in the Zhytomyr region. Bordering the Kyiv region and Belarus, it is an important resistance point for the Ukrainians heroically defending their people. The area is regularly attacked by Russian […]

110 new ceramic armour plates arrived from the Netherlands

21 March 2022

Just before the weekend 110 new ceramic armour plates (ballistic class IV) arrived from the Netherlands. In the photo you can see the plates in combination with a tactical vests, more precisely the British Osprey. All the time we receive requests from the front for the supply of bulletproof vests. Help us supply more heroes […]

ODF for Ukraine. Interim summary

16 March 2022

The 21st day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine has passed. Russian rockets continue to fall on the cities of our friends and neighbours, and babies are being born in underground and other bunkers – without nappies, water or heating. As the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)  informed on Sunday, nearly 2.7 million people have already fled the terror of war. Poland has received 1.8 million Ukrainian refugees.

The “Ukrainian World” centre closed its doors. It helped 30 thousand Ukrainians

23 June 2016

After over two years of activity, the ODF closed down the Warsaw-based “Ukrainian World” centre. It was the first and biggest centre offering support to large numbers of Ukrainians arriving to Poland. From the beginning of its activity, the “Ukrainian World” helped over 30 000 people.

A license for our Foundation

18 December 2015

On 15 December, 2014, the Minister of Internal Affairs granted to our Foundation, a license for trading in bulletproof vests and helmets. The granting of the license was preceded by the obtainment of a number of positive expert opinions issued, among others, by the Polish special services, which exp

Following a legal battle of over 6 months, vests finally reach Ukraine

16 October 2014

After over 6 months of legal proceedings – spanning two attorneys’ offices, the Central Bureau of Investigation and Customs Authority, many hours of hearings, searches, and time spent by lawyers poring over stacks of records

70 helmets got into the hands of Donbas and Aidar battalions

17 September 2014

On Tuesday, 16th September, at the border crossing in Medyka, the Open Dialog Foundation transferred protective helmets to Ukraine.

Bulletproof vests tested on firing range

4 September 2014

For several months now, we have been supporting Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the east of the country against pro-Russian terrorists and the regular Russian army: we have been raising funds and buying bullet-proof vests, helmets and other lifesaving and health-protecting equipment.

Discontinuation by the prosecutor’s office does not mean the release of bullet-proof vests for Ukraine

3 September 2014

We were informed on Tuesday, 2nd September, that by decision of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Zamość, another procedure was discontinued concerning the transport of bullet-proof vests to Ukraine by a volunteer of the Open Dialog Foundation.

Collection of Donations for Ukrainian Volunteers and Militaries

18 August 2014

During the 26th Lublin Pilgrimage, organised by Father Mirosław Ładniak, donations were collected for Ukraine’s defenders fighting in the east.