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They deliver aid to the East, for civilians and the army: “Before each departure, I’m so nervous I throw up”

15 February 2023

Many times I had to wait for them to clear the road of mines. The boys carried the mines and put them to the side of the road. I was scared to death. “Don’t worry. It takes 250 kg for them to explode,” they reassured me.  No one close to me has had an accident […]

More than PLN 60,000 in Karolina Baca-Pogorzelska’s collection for Donbas Battalion

5 May 2022

The collection “Donbas Battalion needs support”, co-created by Karolina Baca-Pogorzelska, a journalist of “Wprost”, has exceeded the amount of PLN 60,000. The initial goal was to collect PLN 50,000, but the whip-round hasn’t finished yet. “We’re not done yet, because the needs are great,” Baca-Pogorzelska tells The “Wprost” journalist set up the collection with […]

I quit my job for these vests. I don’t earn as much as in the corporation, but I feel the sense of what I do

25 April 2022

I know of five cases where our vests saved someone’s life. We receive such information and words of gratitude. This gives us strength. But we also feel the responsibility. — Assembling a bulletproof vest is not difficult. I put two steel plates into the fabric cover — a straight one for the back, and a […]

This is where bulletproof vests for the fighting Ukraine are coming from. “They don’t have to be pretty, they just need to be effective”

17 April 2022

— I am standing in front of the largest warehouse of the non-profit organisation from which bulletproof vests and other aid for Ukrainian soldiers go to Ukraine — says Onet reporter Marcin Wyrwał, who visited the warehouse of the Open Dialogue Foundation. Thanks to the organisation’s efforts, almost 20,000 pieces of various types of defence […]

Producers of bullet-proof vests have lowered prices for Ukraine, but there are middlemen who inflate prices to make a profit from the war

25 March 2022

“At the beginning of the invasion, there were times when only 1 out of 30 Ukrainian soldiers had bullet-proof vests. We have raised money and are buying them wherever we can,” says activist Jacek Wiśniewski. Jacek Wiśniewski is an activist who has been involved in helping Ukraine for the past month. He sends protective equipment […]

A fundraising campaign for helmets and bulletproof vests is underway. The organisers: “We fought the queue of private traders”

2 March 2022

The Open Dialogue Foundation is running an online fundraising campaign in order to buy military equipment for the Ukrainian military. “Ukrainians today are defending Poland, Europe and the values of the entire West – and they are paying the ultimate price. We will not leave them alone!” write the organisers. “We have experience in this […]

The Open Dialogue Foundation sends bulletproof vests and helmets. “Fighters from different corners of Ukraine contact us for help”

28 February 2022

While many charity organisations focus on helping refugees who come to Poland, the Open Dialogue Foundation also takes care of the safety of those who have decided to stay in their war-torn homeland. The first shipment of 210 helmets and 70 bulletproof vests, intended mainly for the defenders of Lviv and Kyiv, has just been […]

Helmets and bulletproof vests, purchased with donations from our fundraiser, are on their way from Poland to Ukraine

27 February 2022

A batch of helmets and bulletproof vests, which were purchased thanks to an online fundraiser, has been sent to Ukraine. The campaign was organised by the Open Dialogue Foundation, which is preparing further deliveries of equipment for the defenders of Kyiv and other cities. 210 kevlar ballistic helmets and 70 bulletproof vests class IV left […]

Marcin Święcicki: The reports on the ODF are false

3 August 2017

On 2 August, Marcin Święcicki, MP of the Civic Platform, was a guest on “24 Pytania – Rozmowa Poranka” broadcast on Polskie Radio 24. The main topic discussed by Katarzyna Adamiak-Sroczyńska included the latest right-wing media reports on the Open Dialogue Foundation

Bartosz Kramek for Radio Zet: “Concession is something we have never concealed”

3 August 2017

Last week, Polish Television (TVP) broadcast a material in which it accused the Chair of the Open Dialogue Foundation Bartosz Kramek of “calling for an overthrow of the government and destabilisation of the state” and presented its theory on the aim behind the Foundation holding a concession. about further questioning on the case regarding vests

19 January 2015

The portal elaborated on the proceedings regarding the transportation of bulletproof vests to Ukraine, as they are seemingly endless.

Bartosz Kramek on the investigation carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office in Zielona Góra

16 January 2015

Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, Bartosz Kramek, commented for the portal on the proceedings, ongoing in the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zielona Góra, regarding the transportation of bulletproof vests to Ukraine. Bullet-proof vests for Ukraine still under arrest

22 November 2014

The portal reported on the seizure by customs officers from Olsztyn of EUR 50,000 worth of bullet-proof vests which were part of a humanitarian aid shipment for Ukraine.

TVP Rzeszów TV: 42 bulletproof vests going to Ukraine

16 October 2014

Regional TV channel, TVP Rzeszów, reported on the shipment of 42 bulletproof vests by the Open Dialogue Foundation and how the goods had successfully crossed the border at the Medyka – Sheginy border crossing. Another round of aid for Ukraine

18 September 2014

The website, along with the TVP Rzeszów public TV station, reported on the ODF’s volunteers crossing the border with aid for Ukraine. Late Tuesday evening, a group of over 20 volunteers carried 70 helmets across the Polish-Ukraine border.

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