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Marek Pawłowski “Pustomyty: Observers’ report on Ukraine’s local elections”

Observer: Marek Pawłowski

Translator: Bartosz Biedroń

In the course of observation a few violations of the elections legislation were noticed, in particular:

1. Election agitation at the elections precinct, precinct No.17021 (photo attached);
2. Presence of the police at the elections precinct in the election hall – precincts No. 17021 and No. 17019 (photo attached);
3. Checking ID documents of observer and translator by a police officer at precinct No. 17016;
4. Admitting voters to the precincts after 10 p.m. – precinct No. 17057;
5. Most of the precincts were not adapted to admitting a large number of voters, as a result – a huge crowd and several-hours waiting in lines. At precinct No. 17057 the last elector got a chance to vote after midnight (photo attached).
6. At many precincts candidates for deputies or mayors of cities and villages spent clearly more time than needed to vote. Although the Ukrainian legislation allows them to participate in observing the elections, their long talks with electors at the precinct could draw suspicion about possible agitation.

To sum up, we need to say that this number of infringements in one constituency is evidently too many. However, we admit that none of these infringements is a gross violation of democratic norms. Secrecy of the ballot was provided everywhere, no attempts at falsification of the results were noticed. Each committee was composed of representatives from various political forces, and members of the committees monitored one another. 

Recommendations and comments

In the course of the elections was obvious bad logistic organization of the voting process which resulted in gigantic lines to the ballot boxes and ballot papers.

This might have been caused by:

– too complicated and time-consuming procedure of issuing ballot papers to voters;

– too few election precincts in each constituency