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Ceremonial inauguration! Z/N Cultural Magazine – no. 8

Ceremonial inauguration!  Z/N Cultural Magazine – no. 8  

On Saturday, 25 May, the Labyrinth Gallery will hold a ceremonial inauguration of the new version of the Z/N Cultural Magazine. The magazine is an online periodical dealing with the presentation of contemporary art in a broad sense, available at The publisher of the Magazine is the Open Dialog Foundation. To date, 7 issues of the Magazine have been published, and which have been viewed by more than 20 thousand Internet users around the world. In 2012, the Magazine represented Europe at the World Summit Youth Awards in Montreal, competing in the category ‘Create your culture!”. On the occasion of the appearance of the 8th  issue, a new interface, a new graphics engine and a full English version of the magazine will be launched. After the changes are introduced, the Magazine will be available for use on all mobile devices. The inauguration will be accompanied by a multimedia exhibition of the works of artists collaborating with the Magazine and a concert by Robert Piernikowski, the frontman of the band ‘Napszykłat’. The project is being implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The organisers of the event are: the Labyrinth Gallery and Z/N Cultural Magazine.



19. 00 Presentation of a new version of the Magazine
19. 30 Multimedia Exhibition of artists collaborating with the Magazine, namely:
Hervé Szydlowski [FR] / Pau Camarasa [ES] / Isa Brito [USA] / Alina Tarabarinova [RU]
20. 00 Concert: Robert Piernikowski, frontman of the Napszykłat band
21. 30 After: Chinaski & Dyapanazy



// Hervé Szydlowski, born 1962, visual artist, lives and works in Paris. The exhibited photos come from his book entitled ‘S O I’. S O I, i.e. three noble letters which form the title of the triptychs, mixing black, white and colour. The book was published in the Gang Publishing House (France) and is prefaced by Charlotte Waligóra. Pictures were taken with a 6.6 medium-format camera on a silver film.

// Pau Camarasa, born 1975 in Barcelona.  He completed his degree in visual communication at Ramon Llull University (Spain) and is currently studying at the Film Studies Centre of Catalonia (CECC) and at the International School in San Antonio de los Baños (Cuba). The film “Ona” (‘She’) has been presented and has received awards at numerous international film festivals, including: BursaInternationalSilk RoadFilm Festival (Turkey) – the winner of The Best Short film; InternationalGoldenKaragözShort FilmCompetitionBestFilm (Italy) –Grand Prize winner.

// Isa Brito, was born and raised in Brazil. In 1984, she emigrated to the United States. She regularly cooperates with the Milk Studios gallery (New York). The presented photos were taken between 1980 and 1990 in New York. Kodak Instamatic camera, 0.35mm film.

// Alina Tarabarinova (Алина Тарабаринова), born 1985 in Saint Petersburg, where she graduated in Journalism. Currently she is working as a freelance press photographer. The exhibited photos were taken during her trip around Europe and Asia.


CONCERT / Robert Piernikowski

He lives and works in Paris and is also known as the frontman of the group Napszykłat. In his solo activities he profanes his previous achievements, killing pulse and groove to form an intimate ‘one-to-one’ encounter with the listener. Combing the listener’s hair the wrong way, pressing stop in unexpected moments, knocking out of rhythm when the listener just begins to swing are Piernikowski’s recognisable features. The concert may include hypnosis, psychedelics, rituals and bizarre stories contained in Piernikowski’s lame poetry. His solo release “Say Goodbye” (2012 Few Quiet People) is an album full of stumbling melodies, analogue synthesis, bits, pulsing somewhere in the back of the head as well as harsh but masterfully woven structures. “Although the album corresponds to thecontemporaryabstract-hip-hop, and it displays some echoes of OvalorlateAutechre, it is undoubtedly the work ofan artistwho speaks hisown originallanguage (Aktvist). Along with Przemyslaw Etamski, he worked on  the P/E project, which resulted in the release of Piernikowski/Etamski ‘Live at Kisielice’ (2012 Qulturap), while the cooperation with BNNT led to releasing singles (BNNT & Robert Piernikowski, “Qassam”, 2012). Piernikowski regularly gives concerts in Poland and abroad: most recently, he participated in such festivals as: Multiplace Brno, Transvizualia Gdynia, Unsound Krakow, Unsound Tbilisi.