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David and Goliath: The hazards of digital disinformation

On December 16, 2019, the conference “David and Goliath: The hazards of digital disinformation” took place at the premises of Fabrica, an Italian research centre based in Treviso. The event was hosted by the Italian Federation for Human Rights in partnership with Fabrica and brought together a brilliant panel of experts and victims of disinformation for a wide-public discussion.

Contributions from Oliviero Toscani – Italian photographer; Alex Orlowski – Expert in digital political communication and online propaganda; Marco Del Mastro – Director of Economics & Statistics at AGCOM; and Jacopo Iacoboni (via video link) – Italian journalist warmed up the audience with data and notions about the dangerous impact of disinformation on liberal democracies. The panel also featured Lyudmyla Kozlovska as a victim of a massive smear campaign deployed by Kaczyński’s government against her and the Open Dialogue Foundation. 

A great thanks to Eleonora Mongelli of FIDU who moderated the event and put the issue of individual responsibility in the fight against disinformation back at the heart of the discussion.