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Appeal of Azat National Social-Democratic Party (NSDP) to the Kazakhstan Republic Prosecutor K. Mami

The NATIONAL SOCIAL-DEMOCRATIC PARTY (NSDP) considers illegal the exclusion of Clause 8 of Article 43 of the Law on Elections from the authorities of Party representatives having an advisory vote regarding their right to obtain a copy of the protocol attested with signatures of head and secretary of an election commission. In this connection the party representatives appeared to be limited in their rights granted by Subclause 4 of Clause 5 of Article 19 of the Constitutional Law on Elections. “On the basis of the stated facts, we ask you to immediately take prosecution actions in order to cancel the regulations of the letter of the Central election Commission No. ОСК-08/506и dated 16.03.2011 with regard to Clause 8 of Article 43 of the Law on Elections,” the appeal tells.