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Journalists Protection Committee urges to find Daniar Moldashev

The Journalists Protection Committee based in New York urges the Kazakhstan authorities to find Daniar Moldashev and ensure his safety. In colleagues’ opinion, the publisher of the Golos Respubliki opposition newspaper Daniar Moldashev disappeared and is now missing a several days after he had been attacked, robbed and injured. On 31 March 2011 the Almaty police made an announcement denying the information about the robbery and kidnapping of Daniar Moldashev as well as rejecting the suspicion about his missing.

“The Journalists Protection Committee draws attention to the fact that the police announcement that “Daniar Moldashev is not missing at all and had been neither attacked nor robbed” only added to the vagueness of the situation.

A representative of the Journalists Protection Committee Nina Ognianova draws attention to the fact that Daniar Moldashev disappeared on the verge of the premature presidential elections that were to be hold in Kazakhstan on 3 April 2011. The Journalists Protection Committee expresses its deep concern about the wellbeing of Daniar Moldashev and urges the Kazakhstan authorities to make a thorough investigation of all the circumstances.