The International Theatre Festival of student performances ”The mould from their eyes”

“Their swooned hearts shall revive - nations shall gather the mould from their eyes” 

C.K. Norwid


We welcome you cordially! It is already the second time that the International Theatre Festival of student performances ”The mould from their eyes”, the greatest  one in Poland, will be held in Lublin. It is a Festival which allows to present the results of  the creative work performed by student theatres. Last year we hosted, among others, the Theatre of Hybrid (Warsaw), the “Korba” Theatre (Wrocław), the “Przedmieście”  Theatre (Łańcut), the “Nie Ma” Theatre (Szczecin).

The idea of our review is to confront the most active drama circles from Poland and foreign countries in order to establish a cross-cultural dialogue, the aim of which is to revive the primitive understanding of the student culture, to go back to the times when a university used to be a melting pot in which different outlooks, artistic conceptions and drama conceptions mixed and clashed. Through the diversity we wish to show the enormous potential of the Theatre as a device of external expression, a search of identity or even for an up-to-date political commentary.

Admission to all performances and some concerts is free of charge.


Karol Grabiec  tel. 513 913 322
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