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Agenda of the Conference in EP « Central Asia : how to prevent and fight corruption ? »


« Central Asia : how to prevent and fight corruption ? »




9.00-9.45. Registration of the guests at the entrance of the ASP Building (Altiero Spinelli) European Parliament.

10.00 Opening of the conference – Marek Migalski MEP

10.05 Introduction – presentation of agenda and Speakers – representative of  FLARE and “The Open Dialog” 

Session I: Corruption as a political and social issue and an obstacle for economic development in Central Asian countries

10.10 1. Corruption in Kazakhstan as a system –  the past, the present and the future. (Muratbek Ketebayev, “The Civil Activity” Foundation)

10.20 2. Kazakhstan: Too much corruption – too little attention from EU? (Irina Petrushova,  “Respublika” newspaper) 

10.35 Institutional environment for corruption in Uzbekistan: implications for anti-corruption policies (Alisher Ilkhamov, The Open Society Foundation)

10.45 The EU grants for Uzbekistan – a support for democracy or dictatorship? A film about South Kirgizstan: Corruption as an indicator of discrimination (Nadezhda Atayeva, president of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia)

11.00 Turkmenistan: Corruption as the indicator of concentration of political privileges. (Farid Tukhbatullin, Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights (TIHR))

Session II: The role and experience of the EU in its fight against corruption – monitoring of the problem and actions udertaken for improvement of the situation in Central Asia

11.15-11.50 Discussion “Central Asia: how to prevent and fight corruption?”  – Opening – Marek Migalski MEP, assistance in modering, questions, questions to the participants – FLARE/The Open Dialog.

As a summary, we are planning to suggest a common action plan on monitoring of the situations presented during the conference as well as to collect expectations with regard to actions from the EU institutes. 


MEP Sonia Alfano, Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 

Jacqueline Hale,  Senior Policy Analyst – EU External Relations, Open Society Institute – Brussels 

Prof. Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (PhD),  Professor of Democracy Studies Hertie School of Governance

Tom Mayne, Researcher of Central Asia, Global Witness

Cezary Bardzinski,  Polish Permanent Representation in EU

MEP Paul Murphy, Member of Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left

During the discussion there will be a short comment on the state of corruption in mining industry in Kazakhstan (Pavel Lobachev, president of the NGO association “Elections & Democracy”)

11.50. Summing up by FLARE and ”The Open Dialog”.

11.55-12.00 Closing of the conference by Marek Migalski MEP, invitation for lunch.

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