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Fundraiser for meals for doctors fighting the coronavirus epidemic launched. Leading Polish media write about the #PosiłekDlaLekarza campaign

The Open Dialogue Foundation, the Low Contributions Association, Spontaneous Civic Campaign Headquarters and Civil Development Forum have launched an online fundraiser for meals for Polish healthcare workers, who are now spending even more time at work due to the coronavirus epidemic, leading Polish media reported.

Medical doctors, nurses, ambulance crew. Everyone who works in the health service during the epidemic can count on a free meal from a restaurant,” the TVN24 website reads. According to Radio Zet, the #PosiłekDlaLekarza (in English #MealForADoctor) campaign consists in collecting money that is then paid to selected restaurants which prepare and deliver free meals to medical doctors. “By donating any amount of money, you can contribute to funding a free meal for hospital staff. Any restaurant that wants to join the campaign can do so via a form. The list of restaurants is being constantly updated on the fundraiser page,Onet and Fakt wrote.

Although the collection was launched only a few days ago, according to the daily Rzeczpospolita, there is already nearly PLN 45,000 in the campaign’s bank account, and the initiative itself is receiving considerable support. Polsat News reported that social media are showing photos from catering outlets and hospitals where food has been delivered, and are posting words of gratitude for the medical staff. On the online portal, we find comments, such as: “I would like to thank the health service for their dedication! God bless you!”, “Thank you! For your courage, for your dedication, for your perseverance, for being there for us”, “Well done!”.


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