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Polish media comment widely on success of #PosiłekDlaLekarza campaign

A few days ago, we wrote that the #PosiłekDlaLekarza (in English #MealForADoctor) campaign had surpassed the organisers’ wildest expectations. The success of the fundraiser was also reflected in the Polish media, including online healthcare portals.

The more than PLN 500,000 raised for meals for medical doctors fighting the coronavirus epidemic in Poland has been reported by, among others, Plotki Biznesowe [Business Gossip]. “Bearing in mind that the fundraiser was launched on the night of 15 March, the amount of money raised is truly impressive,” the website reads. As explained by Medycyna Praktyczna [Practical Medicine] online portal, #PosiłekDlaLekarza is just a slogan – in fact, as much as half a million Polish zlotys will go to all employees of Polish hospitals where patients with COVID-19 are being treated.

In the Polish media, we were able to watch the rapid growth of the campaign’s bank account. A day after the fundraiser was launched, naTemat and Koduj24  reported that the organisers had collected more than PLN 31,000. A week later, the Wirtualne Media [Virtual Media] online portal reported that as much as PLN 450,000 had been raised. Today, even the pro-government television has reported that the amount exceeds half a million Polish zlotys.


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