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Message for restaurateurs supporting the #PosiłekDlaLekarza campaign

The #PosiłekDlaLekarza (in English #MealForADoctor) campaign is proving the great power that lies in spontaneous initiatives and the generosity of the Polish people. Even in our most optimistic scenarios, we did not expect that, in less than a week, we would collect more than PLN 500,000 and provide support to almost 500 restaurants – and, as a consequence, the same help to medical doctors themselves. Your participation in the campaign and the trust you have placed in our team – which gave you no guarantees that the initiative would succeed – are extremely encouraging.

From the very beginning, our campaign depended on two factors: the funds collected and the number of restaurants that applied. We have thoroughly reassessed how much money we expect to come in from the fundraising and have decided that the campaign needs to be centralised, with a system coordinating actions between restaurants and those in need.

The good news is that we will continue the campaign in a new form. We urge restaurateurs to come first to us, rather than to the institutions in need. We also request that all persons and representatives of the services report to us with information as to the type and extent of help needed.

We are going to allocate the funds collected to the activity of preparing and delivering meals to services that report such need to our headquarters. The coordination and centralisation system will allow us to verify the real needs of services and ensure that meals actually reach wherever the greatest need is at a given moment.

Financial settlement for the week of 16–22 March

Please be informed that as of 24 March, we have processed 300 financial settlements. All applications that were complete, i.e. contained receipts and a statement, or a valid invoice, have already been approved for money transfer. We ask for your understanding, as we do everything manually and it requires extraordinary precision, so it takes several days to complete the settlement process in a reliable and error-free manner. We anticipate that we need a maximum of another three days to process all payments, and estimate that we will complete the settlement on 27 March 2020. If you don’t receive your money transfer by 4.00 p.m. that day, please contact our helpline.

Following the completion of the settlement for the week of 16–22 March, we will publish the full settlement of the funds collected and allocated thus far.

Your help is extremely valuable and necessary, but we call for a reasonable and calm approach to the use of resources and energy. The most difficult time is still ahead of us. Therefore, we are preparing for a more coordinated and centralised campaign and coordination. We will keep you updated on the developments on our Facebook account, on this fundraising site and in the public media alike.

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