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As part of the #PosiłekDlaLekarza (Eng. #MealForADoctor) campaign, we are raising funds to deliver meals to healthcare workers. However, we are only one of the many support initiatives that emerged spontaneously a month ago in Poland, after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe and in response to the associated restrictions. (Eng. Let’s Act Together) is a platform created by the employees of the Rzeszów-based company G2A. The platform has become an instrument that has been putting those in need of help in touch with entrepreneurs who can offer them support.

At the beginning of the campaign, a secondary (yet intensive) activity for us was directly associating companies (food producers and wholesalers) with hospitals, as both of them started reaching out to us at that time. The alliance with has enabled us to professionalise our activities in this area — from now on, we are directing these parties to our partner, who runs a verified database of needs and offers of support and helps in matching them up to one another.

We have also been using the so-called AdGrant from Google to promote the platform.

Because together we are more effective.

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