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“The Kazakhstan insider” bulletin, Vol. 2

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your interest in the second issue of the bulletin “The Kazakhstan insider”. We continue our review of the political and social risks of the Republic of Kazakhstan and we hope that these materials will help you make informed decisions.

This newsletter is devoted to the risk of terrorism and extremism in Kazakhstan. The issue of terrorism, unfortunately, has become one of the most debated subjects in the world. A terrorist attack on November 12, 2011 in Taraz (southern Kazakhstan) made it pertinent again also for Kazakhstan.

Are there any real grounds for the growth of religious and social extremism in Kazakhstan? How does the authority respond to these challenges? What internal and external factors contribute to the increase of these risks? You will read more about it in the article “The threat of terrorism and extremism in Kazakhstan.”

An equally important topic is discussed in the article on the new draft of the Act on national security. It is presented by the authorities as an effective tool to maintain stability in the country, and it is therefore likely to be enacted in the near future and may radically change the lives of citizens of the Republic.

We are grateful for the comments and suggestions that we received after the first edition of the bulletin and we would like to encourage you to continue the open dialog on the matters  which you find interesting.

Yours faithfully,

Analytic Department 
Open Dialog Foundation

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