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“The Kazakhstan insider” bulletin, Vol. 6

We present you with the sixth issue of informationanalytical bulletin The Kazakhstan insider.

This issue focuses on two pressing issues for the life of Kazakhstan, namely: the opposition of two groups: ‘doves’ and ‘hawks’ in Kazakhstan’s political elite, as well as the adequacy of current anti-terrorist rhetoric used by the country’s government.

Who dominates – the ‘hawks’ or ‘doves’ in the struggle for influence over the current situation and for ‘Nazarbaev’s legacy’ in the future? Is the policy of ‘raw materials in return for democracy’, which is  used by  European countries toward Kazakhstan, correct, taking into consideration long-term prospects? Read about it in the article‘Doves against Hawks’.

Is terrorism a real threat or a tool of political struggle in Kazakhstan? Where should we look for the current centers of religious fundamentalism, and how does the government respond to these challenges? These issues are discussed in the article ‘Playing with fire’.

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