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Gazeta Wyborcza on the mission of Open Dialog Foundation

Gazeta Wyborcza has published an article about the mission in support of refugees from Crimea, organised by the ODF. The foundation helped five families from Crimea (25 persons in total), providing them, amongst other things, with accommodation in the Lviv region as well as meals and access to education for the children.

In the territory of Poland, the Foundation is providing care for two journalists from Crimea, among others.

Refugees are still arriving in Poland, their number keeps on growing. The representatives of the Foundation are in contact with NGOs from western Ukraine which, too, provide help to refugees.

Gazeta Wyborcza quotes Tomasz Czuwara, the head of the ODF press office: “The most numerous group consists of refugees of Tatar descent. These are mostly large families. That’s why they need special care and attention. Another group consists of military families which are supposed to be receiving help from the state, but currently it cannot reach them”

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