Hot topics: on collecting money and useful items for Ukraine service has reported on the activities of collecting money and useful items. The activities are conducted by, among others, Open Dialog Foundation. The Foundation‘s representative Tomasz Czuwara told PAP about the recent transfers to the organisation’s account: within seven days they had collected about 115 000 PLN. ”We are very glad that Polish people have shown such generosity. We’ll keep transferring the funds to Ukraine as quickly as possible. We know that it is the regions – Eastern Ukraine – where help is needed the most now, so we will focus our activity there”, said Czuwara. He also spoke about the idea of collecting things. ”We already have confirmation of the penetrability of borders. A touching story has unfolded recently. Our dispatch truck sent to Kiev on Saturday was to pass through customs control, and after the control one of the persons onboard found 1000 UAH in his passport; a present from Ukrainian customs officers, it must have been their personal contribution to the collection gathered for Maidan. We do hope that the help that Poland is offering to Ukraine will now be able to flow there unhindered”, he noted.

Czuwara also told about the educational mission of the Foundation: lately this activity has been impossible because of the conditions in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. Now it is particularly important to share our knowledge with the Ukrainians so that they learn what techniques are used in Poland and the European Union to prevent corruption, to learn at least what the statement of assets is. We will send our politicians there, too. We also have ambitions to help Ukrainians in creating the legal framework (concerning, among other things, anti-corruption measures – PAP).

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