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Conference on Lustration in Lutsk on Ukrainina media

The Volynska Pravda newspaper reports on the conference on “Lustration – Solutions for Ukraine”, which was held on 10th April 2014 with the participation of representatives from Poland and Volyn’s society at the Palace of Culture in Lutsk.

The attendees were welcomed by Chair of the Foundation’s Council Bartosz Kramek. Poland’s lustration experience was covered by a representative of the Foundation and a former journalist of Rzeczpospolita daily, Agnieszka Piasecka. Other speakers included Victoria Boyko (ODF), Tomasz Czuwara (ODF) and Eugene Soykin (representative of the Lustration Committee: concepts of the law of lustration).

Bartosz Kramek described, amongst other things, the Foundation’s assistance activities during the events in Kiev. Since the end of November and beginning of December 2013, The ODF has organised three observation missions to Ukraine, with the engagement of Polish MPs, members of Polish Seym’s Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Polish-Ukrainian parliamentary group. The Chair noted that the Foundation would continue to support Ukraine in the process of reform, its struggle against corruption, or decentralization.

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