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Statement by Open Dialog Foundation in relation to the organisation of a conference with representatives of the electoral committees of candidates for Ukraine’s President

The Open Dialog Foundation is a non-governmental and apolitical organisation which precipitates that its activities do not serve any country in which it is present nor the interests of any particular party or politician.

The presidential elections to be held in Ukraine on 25th May 2014 are a major step on the path to the country’s stabilisation. We believe the Ukrainians have the right to freely elect their future leader. Because of this, we are organising an electoral observatory mission.

The Open Dialog Foundation believes that initiative of Territorial Election Committee at the Embassy of Ukraine supported by Organizing Committee of “EuroMaidan Warsaw” – inviting the representatives of all election committees to Warsaw – is correct and serves the implementation of electoral rights in Ukraine, both active and passive.

. Thanks to this, Ukrainians living in Poland have a chance to personally verify the presidential candidates. It is the Foundation’s intention to facilitate a meeting between representatives of the committees and media.

We are of the opinion that it would be an unacceptable practice to selectively invite candidates for Ukraine’s Presidency. We understand, at the same time, that the views of representatives of the various parties may face both approval and objections. The struggle for political freedom is one of the key areas of the Foundations’ activities and any manifestations thereof, protests included, within the bounds of Polish and international law, are actions we approve of.

We wish to emphasise that the support offered by Poles to Ukrainians over the past months through our Foundation, has always been received warmly by representatives of all political circles in Ukraine.