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Tomasz Czuwara for TVN24 Biznes i Świat on the disappearance of Sierhij Lefter

The head of the Foundation’s press office, Tomasz Czuwara, in an interview for TVN 24 Biznes i Świat, talked about the disappearance of the Foundation’s observer, Sierhij Lefler: “We associate his disappearance with the presence of armed terrorist groups from the Russian Federation who have certainly penetrated this area. These are not – as Vladimir Putin stated in his speech – local troops.”

Lefter disappeared in Sloviansk on 16th April. He had been staying there since 14th April, acting as a correspondent for the Open Dialogue Foundation, performing the duties of an observer. His disappearance is linked to the presence in Sloviansk, of armed terrorist groups from the Russian Federation.

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