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Picketing in front of French Embassy in Warsaw

The Open Dialog Foundation, together with the EuroMaidan Warsaw organisation, organised a picket in front of the French Embassy in Warsaw on Tuesday (20.05). The people gathered there were protesting against the military policy of France which is providing the Russian army with Mistral landing ships.

Whistles, trumpets, vuvuzelas and pots were used. And in the pool placed at the Embassy, French warships were drifting in a symbolic “sea of blood”. Natalia Panchenko of EuroMaidan Warsaw and Chair of the Open Dialog Foundation, Bartosz Kramek, presented the French Ambassador to Poland, Pierre Buhler with 400 figures of Russian soldiers. The protesters were manifesting their resentment using posters too. The slogans on the banners called upon France to stop the sale of landing ships. To date, the French authorities have not decided whether to cancel the delivery of two landing ships to Russia. 

See a film on the event, made by Roman Koval: