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Ukraine at the crossroad: post-electoral analysis

On May 28, the Open Dialog Foundation organised a conference in Rome, Italy, entitled: “Ukraine at the crossroad: post-electoral analysis” [Ucraina al bivio: analisi post-elettorale]. The conference was generously hosted by the Consiglio Italiano del Movimento Europeo.

The meeting aimed at discussing the current situation in Ukraine and identifying the challenges that the new president is facing, following the May 25 elections.

We had a varied panel of speakers, coming from academic, journalistic and activist world, sharing their experience and views on the current situation in Ukraine and on the role of external factors. There are a number of issues that particularly attracted the public’s attention. Diverse opinions and experiences of the speakers, as well as a lively exchange with the public kept the discussion going for over three hours.

Our Ukrainian guest, Olesya Zhukovska, the brave activist and volunteer from Maidan, who survived the shooting of a sniper, gave her personal testimony. She spoke about the terrifying moments after the attack, the difficult convalescence time and her dreams of a better and more democratic Ukraine.

Photos thanks to the courtesy of Yuliya Vassilyeva.