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Medicaments-raiser for Euromaidan

We have ceased collecting medicaments and first aid supplies for the Kiev EuroMaidan. Health issues faced by the Kiev protesters are but a grim touch of everyday reality.

They are brought on by harsh weather conditions, as well as acts of violence the protesters are likely to face sooner or later. Open Dialog Foundation in cooperation with Caritas of Samborsko-Drohobycka Diocese of UGKC in Drohobycz conducted a medicaments-raiser action in order to help the participants of protests in Ukraine.

The amount of first aid supplies and medicaments that were donated through the Foundation’s office as well as the ones gathered during the “Solidarity with EuroMaidan” manifestation organised in late January in Warsaw’s Konstytucji Square is indeed impressive. After a very thorough counting process, it was established that the variety of medical aid items which had been collected numbered approximately 12000 in total.

We collected:

  • approx. 2400 packets of flu medicines,
  • approx. 1100 packets of painkillers,
  • approx. 400 packets of gastrointestinal ailment medications,
  • approx. 7700 items of first aid supplies, antiseptics and other medical equipment