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Help Centre – Ukrainian World

At Nowy Świat No. 63 in Warsaw, the “Ukrainian World” centre has opened. The centre provides Ukrainians living in Poland with legal and psychological assistance.

“Ukrainian World“ is a support centre which was established following the tragic developments of Maidan. Weekly consultations and meetings are held there during which, we help people to find jobs in Poland or schools for the refugees’ children.

All psychological and legal assistance is rendered in both the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Psychological help is extended to people having suffered traumatic experiences. Support to wounded and injured Maidan activists in Polish hospitals is offered by Natalia Basko. Natalia is aNatalia Baskopsychologist by profession and a Ukrainian who has been living in Poland for years. Her task is to visit the wounded in hospitals. Help is often expressed through the simplest acts. It is important to continuously monitor the patients’ needs and convey feedback to hospital staff. The psychological help is also about maintaining contact with the wounded ones, winning their trust, accompanying them at hard times – before and after medical treatments and operations. Her command of Ukrainian helps a lot. Natalia attends patients’ medical check-ups, acting as a translator during operations, treatments and medical check-ups. Help also includes the purchase of prostheses and medicines.

The legal assistance that we offer comprises consultations on the refugee procedure, extension of temporary stay in Poland, work permits, as well as matters of marriages to foreigners, parental rights, setting up and running a business and signing tenancy contracts. Our volunteers also act as intermediaries during communication with the embassy regarding passports and visas.

The “Ukrainian World” also organises workshops, individual and group meetings on active and effective job search in Poland. Our aim is to provide help with regard to adaptation to new conditions of life in a foreign country.

In addition to the Foundations’ staff, volunteers are on stand-by at the Centre, helping with translations, finding accommodation and collections of clothes, medicines and other basic necessities.