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Local Self-Government: Experience of Reforms in EU Countries and the Ukrainian Reality

In Kiev, in the offices of Ukraine’s oldest news agency, Ukrinform (УКРІНФОРМ), on Monday, June 2 a seminar organised by the Open Dialog Foundation was held. The event was devoted to possible ways of applying Polish local government’s experience while implementing decentralisation reforms in Ukraine. Polish MP Marcin Święcicki attended the seminar by virtue of videoconferencing at ODF’s Warsaw office.

Among the participants of the seminar were: Jacek Szymanderski (esteemed sociologist, advisor to the Polish Minister of Agriculture, former Head of the Communal Development Agency), Aleksandra Gajewska (Warsaw city councillor) and Kacper Pietrusiński (the Mayor of Warsaw’s Rembertów) as well as members of Ukrainian local government, experts, lawyers, representatives of the media, business and government.

The goal of the seminar is to sign a resolution on the support for local-government reforms in Ukraine. The seminar was intended as a means for sharing experiences, consulting with international and Ukrainian experts, and for extending cooperation.