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Hospitalisation of a seriously wounded Maidan activist

Yuriy was one of the activist on the Maidan. During the February protests, he was repeatedly shot by a sniper and suffered a very serious wound to his hand which doctors initially planned to amputate.

In Ukraine, he underwent several surgical procedures. Doctors assessed his condition as critical, not giving him a high chance of survival. Yuriy was once again operated on in Poland.

At the request of the doctors, the Open Dialog Foundation sent psychologist Natalia Basko, cooperating with the organisation, who provided psychological support to the man. The Foundation also helped Yuriy by financing the purchase of a sling, bandages and medicines for a total of over 2000 PLN, and helped find accommodation for Yuriy’s father.

Yuri needs further treatment; still, Poland refuses to continue to provide funding his treatment. According toestimates by private doctors, treating the man in a Polish hospital will cost approx. 1,500,000 PLN.