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V. Kuramshin underwent psychiatric evaluation in the Semey prison

Human rights advocate Vadim Kuramshin, placed in the prison psychiatric hospital, has been diagnosed as mentally healthy. After the diagnosis he should be transferred back to the prison in North Kazakhstan region, where he is serving a sentence.

Vadim Kuramshin

After a 7-day hunger strike that Kuramshincommenced at the beginning of June, he was transferred from a detention facility in Sopka Zhaman to a prison hospital in the town of Semey, where he underwent psychiatric tests. His initial diagnosis of “paranoia syndrome”pronounced in Sopka Zhaman, was not confirmed.

Kuramshin’s transfer to the Semey hospital, known as Sangorod, took place on July 8. The human rights activist did not report any mistreatment from the administration or physicians. According to, who quote a member of the hospital administration, Kuramshin was supposed to be transferred back to Sopka Zhaman on July 19. The source quoted by, however, did not comment on the patient’s condition.

Kuramshin went on hunger strike in early June and his demands included medical assistance and a transfer to another prison. His protest was supported by Western MPs: on July 2, the Irish Parliament, on the motion from the Socialist Party, held a hearing regarding Kuramshin’s case.