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Meeting with Vera Savchenko and Rebecca Harms

A delegation from the Open Dialog Foundation met with the German politician and MEP, Rebecca Harms; and Vera Savchenko – the sister of the Ukrainian pilot, Lieutenant Nadiya Savchenko. 

During the meeting it was stressed that actions need to be undertaken in order to free the kidnapped pilot and organise meetings with both the authorities of the Russian Federation and the arrested Savchenko herself. At the same time, the need for reforms in Ukraine was emphasised. The meeting also became an opportunity to discuss Russian aggression towards Ukraine and the crash of the Malaysian plane MH17.

Lieutenant Nadiya Savchenko, arrested by pro-Russian terrorists in Ukraine and forcibly taken to Russia, is charged with the murder of two Russian journalists. Nadiya is being held in remand prison in Voronezh, in south-west Russia. According to international law, Russia has no right to detain, charge or put Nadiya on trial. Russian authorities do not allow any visits or contact from diplomatic and consular services or attorneys.