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ODF expert: Economic sanctions imposed on Russia are already working

On the BTB channel, in the show called Interes narodowy (National Interest) ODF’s expert Viktor Maziarchiuk talked about the state of the Ukrainian economy and the ramifications of sanctions placed on Russia. 

The show was devoted to such issues as economic sanctions as a peaceful way of solving the conflict in eastern Ukraine. ODF’s expert, Viktor Maziarchiuk, stressed that the sanctions were indeed impacting the Russian economy, contrary to what we hear from Kremlin. Maziarchiuk says that the outflow of $100bn from the Russian market has hit the banking sector hard. US sanctions imposed on BTA Bank or Gazprombank are affecting not only Putin’s partners but also the country as a whole and its people. Maziarchiuk noted that the USA and Europe need to create an institution with a mandate to support the Ukrainian economy, especially its SME sector; and to rebuild the infrastructure. Maziarchiuk also described a number of projects undertaken by the Open Dialog Foundation, stressing the significance of monitoring the efficiency of spending and fundraising in Ukraine.