TOK FM radio: Chairman of ODF’s Board shares his views on the developments in Ukraine

  • 07.07.2014
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Chairman of the Board of the Open Dialog Foundation, Bartosz Kramek, talked to TOK FM about the developments in Ukraine. He described the truce declared by Poroshenko as a justified move from the point of view of diplomacy that demonstrates to the world a will to reach an agreement. At the same time, however, Kramek stated, that it gives the separatists an opportunity to re-arm and strengthen their positions. 

 As Kramek points out, after Russia’s initial successes - annexing Crimea - Putin is not able to take control of continental Ukraine, and as a result of separatists’actions Russia suffering a sharp decline in its international reputation and also from international sanctions. In Kramek’s view, Putin’s policy has been “a spectacular failure”.

Source: TOK FM

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