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March to “Stop Putin’s terror”

The streets of Warsaw saw the March Against Terror. It was organised by Euromaidan Warsaw and the Open Dialog Foundation, and gathered several hundred participants.

The march passed along the Royal Route (Trakt Królewski) and towards the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Warsaw. It was led by an effigy of Putin locked in a cage. The participants were carrying Polish and Ukrainian flags as well as posters and banners with appeals to end the acts of terror in Ukraine. They expressed their protest over Kremlin’s policy. The march was entitled “Stop Putin’s terror”and was aimed not only at showing that the Russian president was supporting terrorism, but also drawing attention to the fact that this could spread to other states. Spokesman for ODF, Tomasz Czuwara, in his interview for IAR, stressed that if the world remains passive in the face of Putin’s actions, the consequences may be tragic.  

298 candles were lit in front of the embassy in memory of the victims who died in the Malaysian passenger plane shot down on July 17. White balloons stained in red flew aloft. One of the speakers, MP MichałSzczerba urged the EU to “speak in one voice.”