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Protests at the Zamość district attorney’s office

We gathered in front of the district attorneys office in Zamośćto protest against the idea of charging people involved in the shipping of helmets to Ukraine. At that particular time a hearing was being held involving the man responsible for the operation. The foundation provided legal counsel for him.

Among the protesters were Ukrainian MPs Ihor Wasiunyk and Mikhal Khmil; Consul General of Ukraine, Ivan Hrycak; and Ukrainian activists from Euromaidan Warsaw.

During clashes in Maidan and later in eastern Ukraine the foundation was providing support for the protesters, independent observers, journalists and members of the National Guard. The assistance included the shipment of such items as bulletproof vests. But the vests were held up at the border in Hrebenne. Despite the fact that bulletproof vests are protective equipment designed to save lives, according to Polish law, they constitute strategic items and their shipment requires licensing. The district attorney’s office in Zamość, who is conducting the investigation, intends to charge people involved in the operation and refuses to heed the argument that the shipment of protective gear was born out of a spontaneous aid campaign and had nothing to do with contraband.