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“Rzeczpospolita” daily: Ukrainians smuggling bulletproof vests and helmets

A commentator for the international department at the Polish “Rzeczpospolita” daily Ruslan Shoshin speaks in his interview for about assistance for the Ukrainian army fighting in the east of the country being delivered by Ukrainians residing in Poland, such as volunteers from the Open Dialog Foundation.

– In spite of the fact that the Ukrainian army is conducting its offensive in the east of the country, it is still in dire need of armaments and high-quality technical equipment. Assistance came from their Ukrainian kinsmen residing in Poland, who travel to Ukraine dressed in bulletproof vests and helmets – Shoshin says. Shoshin underlined that, according to the law of Poland, shipping out such large quantities of lifesaving equipment is treated on a par with shipping out, for example, tanks – therefore, cases of a similar nature are as a principle, prosecuted.

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