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Ukrainian World: Meeting with Espreso TV Reporter

In the Warsaw assistance centre for Ukraine, ‘Ukrainian World’, a meeting was held with the Espreso TV reporter, Bianka Zalewska, and a member of the ‘Ajdar’ battalion.

On the 27th July, Bianka was wounded in the shelling of a civilian car in which she was returning to Kiev from a zone where an anti-terrorist action is being carried out. After the accident, she was transported to a hospital in Kharkiv and then to Kiev and Warsaw where she is now undergoing restorative treatment. Before the accident, as an Espreso TV correspondent, Bianka reported on the developments in the east of Ukraine, accompanying, amongst others, the volunteer territorial defence battalions.

During the meeting, she talked about what the work of a reporter in the east is like and about the course of the anti-terrorist campaign, emphasising that a fully-blown war was being fought there. After she is fit and healthy again, Bianka wants to go back to Ukraine and continue reporting on the developments there; as she claims, the accounts of Polish media are not sufficient in this regard.