Hot topics: Bulletproof vests seized by customs remain in storage

The Internet edition of “Gazeta Zamojska” described the case of the 42 bulletproof vests confiscated from the transport of humanitarian aid, sent by the Open Dialog Foundation for the Ukrainian military and civilians.

The portal describes the August 11th session, during which the Tomaszów Lubelski court rejected the appeal filed regarding the storage of bulletproof vests – stating that the equipment constituted court evidence.

The article includes quotes by the Foundation’s legal advisor, Mr. Mądrzycki: “The court did not share our view, rejecting the complaint and stating that at this stage in the criminal case, when the investigation is still ongoing, the vests may yet be needed. But, what is the most important, is that the decision does not exclude the possibility of the vests being returned” – the lawyer said.

Tomasz Czuwara, the press spokesman for the Foundation, underlined the necessity for a quick change in the Polish legislature in this respect. “Now, the callous regulations are blocking life-saving aid. However, the problem is not the law itself, but those who enforce it. Why is a person who transports vests openly in a visible place and informs the customs officers of the fact, treated as if he were a smuggler and arrested? What is that supposed to achieve?” – Czuwara asks.