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Roundtable “Lustration: International Experience and Perspectives in Ukraine”

On the 11th September at the Hotel President in Kyiv there will be the Roundtable Lustration: International Experience and Perspectives in Ukraine. 

The goal of the event is to enhance the quality of public discussion on lustration initiatives and bring closer knowledge about draft laws of Ukraine on lustration. For this together with our partner USAID Fair Justice Project we invited representatives of the state administration and representatives of the civil society for exchange of views on both the lustration initiative and the attempts to start verification of judiciary. Our special guest will be Yehor Sobolev, the Head of Lustration Committee who will present the history of lustration initiative and it’s current stance.

The Roundtable agenda includes:

Panel 1: Overview of the current stance of legal lustration initiatives in Ukraine and attempts to verify judiciary system

In this part the organizers expect representatives of the Lustration Committee and Ukrainian public institutions to present the current stance of lustration initiatives and also current stance of the verification of the judiciary.

Panel 2: International experience on lustration and expert opinions on lustration bill initiatives initiated in Ukraine

In this part foreign experts will present experience on lustration performed in other states and also their opinions on the Ukrainian draft law “On Purification of Government”.

Panel 3: Aspects of verification of the judiciary system 

In this part there will be presented ECHR jurisprudence on verification of judiciary and also experience of other states.

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