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Polish media on closing the investigation against Oleg I.

Citing a press release from the Polish Press Agency, the Polish information portals informed of the investigation into the case against Oleg I. having been closed; the Ukrainian citizen attempted to ship over 500 helmets from Poland into Ukraine without the respective permit.

The prosecutor’s office closed the case in view of the negligible nuisance. The helmets were meant for the Novovolynsk citizens, who formed a detachment for fighting the Russian separatists.

As cited, amongst others, by, the Ministry of National Defence states that bulletproof vests and helmets constitute a “non-lethal weapon” and are used for personal protection. Despite that fact, Polish regulations are quite rigorous in licensing their purchase.

Legal support for Oleg I. was provided by the Open Dialog Foundation, and an investigation into the case is being led by the Zamość prosecutor’s office.

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