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PR 1: Polish regulations an obstacle for Ukraine-bound aid

On the Polish regulations for shipping bulletproof vests, as well as humanitarian aid for Ukraine – as told in the “Sygnały Dnia” program on Polish radio Channel One by Krzysztof Bukowski.

In light of the Polish legislation, shipping out equipment such as protective helmets or bulletproof vests requires a special licence. It is the lack of such a licence that almost resulted in 10 years’ imprisonment for Oleg I., who in June, attempted to carry over 500 helmets across the border. However, the prosecutor decided to close the case in view of the negligible nuisance of the act.

– Taking care of our observers and volunteers, aside from medical supplies we also started shipping protective helmets and bulletproof vests – all of which only help to save lives. We do not ship ammunition, rockets and tanks, as the Russians do. – Bukowski says.

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