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TOK FM: On the events in Ukraine, Hanna Zielińska talking to Sławomir Klimkiewicz and Tomasz Czuwara.

How does one define the Ukrainian crisis? Can Russian aggression be called war? What is the actual the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian frontier? These and other questions were all directed towards Hanna Zielińska’s guests in the Przedpołudnie program of TOK FM radio – Tomasz Czuwara, spokesman of the Open Dialog Foundation, and Sławomir Klimkiewicz of Collegium Civitas.

The Foundation’s spokesman also spoke of the barriers which are encountered by the Polish foundations, attempting to deliver lifesaving equipment, such as bulletproof vests and protective helmets, to the Ukrainian military – “(…) when confronted with the callous regulations, people not versed in the intricacies of the Polish legal system are faced with a machine, which treats them as if they were attempting to smuggle a tank, or a dreadnought”.

Listen to the audition: Przedpołudnie program of TOK FM radio, 28.07.2014