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Polish media on the “Stop Putin’s Terror” Great March in Warsaw

The Polish media reported on the “Stop Putin’s Terror” Great March organised by the Open Dialog Foundation and Euromaidan Warsaw. Around 200 persons with banners and posters marched along the streets of Warsaw in protest against Putin’s policy. In the end, candles were lit in front of the Russian embassy and balloons released – to commemorate the victims of the Malaysian airlines Boeing aircraft shot down over Ukraine. 

We know that the Malaysian aircraft was shot down by terrorists under the command of a well-known person – the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. If there happens to be anyone in the world who is not yet aware of that, then we are here to tell it to the world. – as said under King Sigismund’s Column by Natalya Panchenko, head of the Euromaidan Warsaw and coordinator for Ukrainian aid in the Open Dialog Foundation. – I call upon the whole world to wake up and try to stop the terror. If we do not stop it today, tomorrow it will spill beyond the Ukrainian borders –Panchenko concluded.

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